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Hello, my name is Ryan. I love to write about God and what God is doing in my life as well as those around me. I'm not a huge fan of writing about me.. This article has had thousands of hits already and revisiting it recently I thought maybe it could be developed a bit further than to merely say "coming soon" as it has for the last half a decade.. so here goes..

Brief Testimony:


I wasn't raised in a Christian home and it wasn't until I was 18 years old that I invited Christ into my heart. My family spoke about God but He was seemingly a very distant reality. I remember at a young age I was playing in the yard and as I was staring at my arm I bent it back and forth studying how the muscles pulled and the tendons leveraged and I was convinced in the cleverness of the design. Unfortunately being convinced of a Creator didn't give me cause to rejoice, but I found myself often angry with Him. Fortunately God is so patient.


At that same age of 18 my folks split up and I was making some bad life decisions that left me with nobody to turn too. One thing that stuck in my head was a man named John whom I had met years prior and it always stuck out to me how he loved up on me in a way you just don't see in the world. So with nobody to turn too I sought him. Only at that time I didn't know much about him. I didn't have a cell phone, I didn't know where he lived, the only thing I knew about him is that he had something to do with a church in town. So I drove up there in my $650 dodge colt and as God (not luck) would have it, as I was pulling into the parking lot of that church, John came walking out. At the time I took that for granted and didn't think much of it, now looking back on it I thank God for His orchestration. At the time though I just figured John was always there lol.


I asked John if we could chat and he agreed and suggested we could just sit in my car and talk, so we did. Now I was seeking counsel from him on life things like relationships. I don't remember all of what I shared but I do remember what he said to me that caught me off guard. "Ryan, the first thing you need to do is get right with God." I wasn't seeking that and it was kind of sobering, but he was right. Not only was that the answer to the ultimate issue being salvation but getting right with God brought the sorting out of other issues in my life too. John shared the gospel with me, I didn't fully comprehend it (can we ever this side of heaven?), but he likened inviting Jesus into our heart to be similar to inviting someone in our car. That analogy was easy to follow. He spoke a bit about his testimony and then asked if he could pray for me, I obliged and he did. I didn't pray with him, I was still pretty timid (don't even get me started on how uncomfortable it was to pray with my wife the first time). So after we parted, I wanted to ask Jesus into my heart. I drove down the road from the church and there was a small turnout, not large enough for my car to fit off the road but that was ok. I looked around to make sure nobody could see me and once the coast was clear I leaned across my car to the passenger door, opened it, but only a few inches, and I invited Jesus into my car, and into my heart that day. Fortunately Jesus was able to fit through the few inches opening I gave Him into my car, and of course into my heart.


Family life:


Just a day or two later (maybe even that night) I got reconnected with my now wife Jamie and we've been married for a couple decades. Since then God has wonderfully grown us together and continues to do so. Sometimes the easy way, sometimes the hard way (I can be quite stubborn) but His love and faithfulness to us both endures forever.

AMe, wife, dot, and pup! couple years ago my wife and I decided to become foster parents (we're unable to have kids of our own). Fostering has been a huge blessing and an amazing amount of stress all at once. The blessing out-weighs the stress but some days I would say just barely. Prior to us officially fostering though, God entrusted to us a young lady whom He blessed us with as well. She has grown to be rooted into our hearts and we've had the privilege of seeing her grow closer to God and even opt to be baptized recently. Not long thereafter we took in our first official foster child who on her own volition received Jesus into her heart this last year! So with that I would say one more born again is worth an entire life of hardships (easier to say when you're not in the hardships).

Currently the older moved out to go it on her own, found a great place to live and a good job and still joins us regularly for dinner, vacations, chats, etc. and we maintain a great bond with her. The younger moved back home and unfortunately we don't see nor hear from her as much, but that's ok. God is faithful and if nothing else, the most important thing He has accomplished in her life and for that I rejoice. Beyond that, my hope is they both do well and in that my heart will have reason for great joy!




I love to write. If you email me my replies will often be lengthy, you've been warned. I love to share the good news and the more I fellowship with Christ the more I must tell others about Him. Like David who was compelled to write "O taste and see that the Lord is good!" (Psa. 34:8). I love to dive into scripture to learn more about our God, His grace, His love, His character, and when God gives me opportunity, to teach, exhort and encourage others in that as well. This is what birthed this website. This is my heart's desire whether it's in discipling, shepherding, preaching, missions trips, or just in general life application.



I don't have any credentials. While I am considering going back to college to pursue courses related to Christianity, eager to learn more and to serve, I'm in the process of seeking wisdom and guidance from God in regards to that. So my credentials are none other than what Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 and any talents and gifts that God has employed through me, by His Spirit, to His credit. I trust in the Spirit to teach per 1 John 2:27 and hold to the authority of scripture in matters of teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness (2 Tim. 3:16).


If you've read to here I am humbled by you wanting to know more about me. Many of the articles, bible studies, theological studies here have life application and experience written within. Most my writings are pretty straight forward, I am neither an English nor a linguistics major so on one hand, please excuse any grammar and misspelling, on the other hand I believe my writings are down to earth and pretty easy to follow.


If you wish to discuss anything here or really anything at all, hit me up! God bless you.


In Christ,



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