OCD and the Secluded Stronghold of Doubt
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OVT like I described in the previous article becomes OCD when you act on behalf of your OVT's in a way that negatively affects your daily life. It is at this point the world defines it as a disorder. Regardless of the proper labeling of OCD or finding out it's actual origin the truth of the matter is, some of us have OVT/OCD and it's causing us grief. In regards to Christians struggling with doubts, below are some additional questions to help you determine if your doubts stem from OVT/OCD.

  1. Are your doubts obsessive? In other words, are they difficult to stop even when you have reasonable answers to your questions?

  2. Do you doubt your salvation?

  3. Have you been, or are you overly concerned about having committed the "unpardonable sin"?

  4. Are you wanting to believe with all your heart, yet unable to stop doubting the very thing you desire so much to believe?

  5. Have you considered, or are you afraid you might be demon-possessed?

  6. Do your doubts center on unanswerable questions? Questions that cannot be absolutely proven by you? I.E. Why does God allow suffering, Why did God create man if He knew he would sin? etc...

  7. Do you have overwhelming amounts of fear, anxiety, and guilt?

  8. Do you feel helpless? Like you've tried everything to stop your doubts and found nothing has worked?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions then there is a good chance your doubts are OCD related. That does not mean there aren't other issues involved, often OCD can go hand-in-hand with other things of which we've dedicated an entire online book on doubt too. As we discussed, traumatic events are often the catalyst sparking OCD and I'm sure attacks from the enemy aim to keep those fires going. If you do or think any of these things please know that you are not alone.

One source showed 3% of the U.S. Population was diagnosed with OCD. 3% is actually a lot. That would equal millions of U.S. Citizens. On the flip side however, 3% in our church does not seem so big as it's only 3 people for every 100 members. Because of this a Christian struggling with OCD feels isolated since being a Christian already separates them from the world and among the remaining Christians in their life only 3% may be able to relate to what they are going through.


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