Do the Unfathomable, Accept His Gift Freely
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Freeloader: a person who takes advantage of others' generosity without giving anything in return.
 Do the unfathomable, become a freeloader!

I say unfathomable because 364 days out of the year you're only content accepting a gift you're worthy of. I speak from experience. But may I say something offensive to you and I right now? Make Christmas this year all about you, Jesus did. Hear me out. On this day known for it's gift giving can you stop feeling guilty for not making it about Him as much as you should and take some time in just receiving His gift to you. (Can I let you in on a secret? It's also what He wants the most for Christmas!).

We are like Peter in our hearts. When Jesus comes to make us clean, to wash the dirtiest parts of us we respond by default "Lord, You are washing my feet?" such a ridiculous thought to Peter that Him who should be served would do the serving. "Never shall You wash my feet!" (John 13:6,8). This is you and I to a Tee...and we feel completely justified in our stance...and what's crazy is, we are justified. We are completely just to not let Jesus wash us but may I say on behalf of Him who died for your sins. STOP IT. He didn't go to the cross for a helpless babe (you) and suffer everything that you were worthy to suffer, and still somehow desire that you make yourself worthy before you'll let Him love you.

You will never ever come close to being worthy of the Lord washing your feet. That day will never come.... and that's okay.

I can't have Costco cake. Don't get me wrong, I love Costco cake, their sheet cake in my opinion crushes the competition... even your grandmother's best go at it doesn't compare (there I said what we're all thinking). But you know what I hate... I can't have dairy, I can't have egg, and I can't have wheat... all of which can be found in Costco cake. I developed these intolerances a few years ago and my body reacts terribly when I'm not on a close watch for these ingredients in my food. I swell up, I break out in hives, and everything begins to hurt and that which already hurts is magnified manifold.

But... but if you in all the powers of your overthinking could invent a pill for me that negated these negative effects; something I could simply take and all the sudden that which I was intolerant of became tolerant so I could get back to having what I love to have, well it's been a while since I've had Costco cake and I haven't forgotten how much I love it so don't judge me if the moment you give me this miracle pill you invented I head straight to Costco to buy a cake for no other reason than I love it. Seriously, you solve the negative these ingredients have on me and look out world, I'm a foodie again and my first stop will be Costco.

Our Heavenly Father has a similar issue but on a much bigger scale. He loves you unconditionally more than you can possibly imagine but the problem is you have and had something He's intolerant of, sin. But what can possibly be done about it? And to what would He pay or do to make those intolerances negated so He could have what He so desires?

Now imagine you being the "good Christian" you are (I hate that term BTW) devote your life to the pursuit of inventing this pill that makes it possible that I can have Costco cake (thank you for your noble sacrifice). Every day you drive to your lab regardless of weather conditions. 7 days a week you are devoted to this one purpose, that Ryan may have Costco cake once again. Day and night you make everything about this, the only reason you sleep, eat, and have any measure of self care is so you remain a sharp mind and able body that you may continue to spend it all on solving this intolerance issue I have toward these ingredients found in the foods I love. Why are you such a fanatic about it? Because it's what you WANT. It's not something you have to do, it's not something you're forced to do, it's not something I asked you to do, but deep in your heart is this overwhelming desire for me to have the foods I so very love that you are gladly giving up your life for the potential of success.

God understands you.

"Therefore the Lord longs to be gracious to you,
And therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you." - Isaiah 30:18a

And God understands what it means to be overwhelmed by a desire that the cost of pursuit isn't even something to be considered:

"looking only at Jesus, the originator and perfecter of the faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross" - Hebrews 12:2a

You are that Joy, He did that for you. Can you believe it? Will you receive it with me this year for Christmas?

Back to my analogy. Imagine you did dedicate your life to the invention of this miracle pill that I might have Costco cake. Imagine every ounce of your being day in and day out was focused on this purpose. Even on bad weather days you forsake acknowledging the harrowing road to your lab and on days where you are snowed in, you prepared in advance and shelter within your lab forsaking your family and friends for this purpose that to you out weighs everything else. The normal amenities other people enjoy in life you don't even enter your mind. While your dad understands (He love me like you do) some of your friends draw what you're doing into question. But united with your Father who commissioned you to this you spend every moment of your life doing exactly what needs to be done in order that the intolerances I have can be neutralized all for the divine purpose that I may once again enjoy what was previously unattainable and in so doing that your joy may be made full upon it's success (John 15:11; 17:13, 24–26)

Now imagine when that day comes after countless days, nights, and painstaking years when you finally solved it, and imagine when you come to my house carrying this precious life-altering pill in a secure locked case handcuffed to your wrist, all the way imagining the joy you're about to give which is the accumulation of your life's work. Now imagine you knock on my door a ridiculous amount not even giving me time to get off my couch but excited you are unabated by social norms as this moment means everything to you. Imagine now I open the door, see what you have for me and say to you "no thank you", and I shut the door never to open it again.

"for the joy set before Him endured the cross"

It's not just you who benefits from what Jesus did on the cross. When you let Him wash you it also gives Him joy, so much so He devoted His life to this very purpose and it was that joy that held His arms wide on the cross. He didn't do this grudgingly, nor was it done against His will but He lay down His life for you willingly "
No one has taken it away from Me, but I lay it down on My own." (John 10:18a).

So my bold question for you is? Will you this Christmas do the one thing that gives God the most joy? Will you receive His love, His affection, and His gift thus validating His work on the cross for you? It's what you want though your heart won't so easily receive it, but more importantly it's also what He wants the most. After all, He literally dedicated His entire life (and death) for this purpose.

“Now My soul has become troubled; and what am I to say? ‘Father, save Me from this hour’? But for this purpose I came to this hour." - John 12:27

We have nothing to offer God any more than I can contribute to your lab work neutralizing my intolerances. If you're waiting to have something to offer back before accepted the free gift of'll never arrive there for you are broke (Matt. 5:3). If you're refusing because your unworthy, stop it, you'll always be unworthy...and that didn't matter to God (Rom. 5:8,10). If you're not opening the door and receiving His gift in disbelief, examine the evidence, the pill works, or rather, His blood being spilled covered and covers every intolerance God ever had or would have had of you. The resurrection proves this (Rom. 4:25).

You need to let Jesus wash your feet...and it's okay to enjoy it. Doing that is the greatest service you can offer Him for that fulfills His fleshly-life purpose and it's what He wants the most from you. No strings, no catch, no hidden agenda, no other foot to fall. Right now, wherever you are, will you simply receive and enjoy what He has done for you, I promise you it's all that He wants from you (John 6:29) and it will fulfill His joy to make you clean.

Here is possibly my favorite worship song that depicts this so very well.


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