Struggling With Calvinism Introduction
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Our desire is to encourage and exhort, to teach about God as He is Whom is glorious and wonderful to behold! We desire to teach what the bible does say rather than chase what it doesn't say. However given the rise in Calvinism within the church and in lieu of 2 Corinthians 10:5, let's proceed.


This is a touchy subject so let me start with some disclaimers. First, my beef is with Calvinism, not Calvinists. Furthermore I consider many calvinists in my life to be my genuine brothers and sisters in Christ. So if there is to be friction with calvinists then I consider it a family quarrel. I'm also aware that what I describe as Calvinism and what you may describe as Calvinism can differ. In my research I have found many different takes on Calvinism and even found those who identify as calvinists who I would argue are not.


Because this is a touchy subject it has already garnered a lot of attention and while I will debate Calvinism theology I don't necessarily need to rehash what I've found out there already that I believe to be spot-on so I will offer some good resources on that here. Some core debated items such as God's glory and a Christian's faith we do address in other articles herein along with studies on Romans 9, Ephesians 1, and a growing list of scriptures pertaining to the subject.


Digging into the nuts and bolts of Calvinism? Here are some great resources to get you started!


Soteriology 101 - Professor Leighton Flowers (a former calvinist) humbly explores the vast aspects of Calvinism and it's pitfalls. Website, YouTube Channel

BibleThinker - Pastor Mike Winger clearly speaking biblical truths on various sensitive subjects largely including Calvinism. Website, YouTube Channel


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