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Doubt is one of the least talked about struggles of the Christian life. Often combined with doubt is overwhelming feelings of fear, confusion, and an estrangement from God. Christians often feel isolated and ashamed of these feelings and are reluctant to share them with others. Untreated these feelings are allowed to disable and debilitate our walk with God.


  It's been my experience that it's very difficult for others to understand the situation having not gone through it themselves. In turnabout it can be frustrating for the one suffering to see others never experience the same struggle. This only adds to the feelings of isolation and abandonment.


  We dedicate this series to you. The purpose of this study is to help you gain understanding about your situation and to remind you you're not alone. We plan to take a look at other "biblical heroes" that struggled with the same plaguing doubts and fears as you and I and to help you gain understanding that will ultimately show you doubt can be a tool used to grow in faith. We hope in this you gain a more truthful perspective on God's standpoint with you. We wish to extend our resources that were given us, to help you in your time of need.



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