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Struggling With Doubt?

Doubt is one of the least talked about struggles of the Christian life. Often combined with doubt is overwhelming feelings of fear, confusion, and an estrangement from God. Christians often feel isolated and ashamed of these feelings and are reluctant to share them with others. Untreated these feelings are allowed to disable and debilitate our walk with God. Read more...

Galatians - No Other Gospel.

Legalism is a battle as old as the church. As we read in Galatians, men, both inside and outside the church sought to add rules and regulations to the gospel thereby perverting it. Of such men Paul warns "You have been severed from Christ, you who are seeking to be justified by law; you have fallen from grace" (Gal. 5:4). I invite you to join our bible study as we take an extensive look at the book of Galatians and it's implications in our walk with God. In gaining insight into God's character I hope to provoke you into further adoration, love, and appreciation of our Father in heaven. Read more...

Salvation to All Who Would Receive!

For the joy set before Him, He (Christ) endured the cross. (ref Heb. 12:2). You are that joy, He did that for you. Not because you've earned it, but because of who He is. Read more...

Drop Me a Line

Have some feedback, insight, questions, comments, prayer requests, etc? Maybe you just want to share what God is doing in your life (I love praise reports), or maybe you can relate to some of the things here and need an ear. I'd love to hear from you!